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It Doesn’t Matter what Color – John Viertel


So, July is here (and it has been hot here in Central Missouri), the wheat harvest is all but wrapped up, after wheat beans have been hustled in, and post emerge spraying is winding down. Now what’s next? Time to start thinking about harvest? In two months I’m sure that there could be some early season corn shelled somewhere in the state. Ok, maybe two and one-half months.

If you have trying to decide how to get a jump start getting your stalks decomposing, the Yetter Stalk Devastator is a great option! No matter what color combine and header you run, there is an option for you. Here’s what they can do for you:


  • Prevents damage to tires, tracks, wires, and hydraulic hoses on combines, trucks, tractors, and implements
  • Knocks over and crushes stalks for faster decomposition and microbial breakdown of residue
  • Preserves residue cover, reducing soil erosion and keeping stalks in place in windy conditions  
  • Is quick and easy to install with mounting kits for most corn head models
  • Features spring-loaded, adjustable down pressure
  • Solid steel construction ensures reliability and durability
  • Will not interfere with most head cart trailers
  • Rollers can be locked up for transport of head or when not in use
  • Mounting the Yetter Stalk Devastator to your combine header may even save a trip over the field this fall. If you want to discuss them further, give us a call at the SOIL SERVICE, INC Office, or send an email to and will get in touch with you with details!