When you choose SOIL Service to take care of your nutrient needs, you choose a complete program, from soil testing, to consultation with an agronomist, to delivery of our starter fertilizer, foliar fertilizer, slow release nitrogen, or Sugar E-Boost® products.

Meeting your fertilizer needs starts with soil testing

Our complete fertility program starts with a thorough soil test. After pulling soil samples from your fields, we send them to a lab for analysis. Based on these results and your production goals, our agronomist will make recommendations to optimize your yield and maximize your profits. Delivery comes from local dealers.

The complete soil analysis includes available phosphorus, exchangeable potassium, magnesium, calcium, soil and butter pH, organic matter, cation exchange capacity, base saturation of cation elements, sulfur, boron, zinc, manganese, iron, and copper.

Grid sampling

SOIL Service offers grid sampling in any size; 2.5, 5, and 10 are the most popular. When we pull these samples, you can be assured we are following the highest industry standards. Since we don’t sell dry fertilizer, our goal is to pull a representative sample, make an agronomically sound recommendation, and efficiently provide this information to our growers so you can boost profitability.

Using SOIL Service for your sampling needs gives you flexibility. You’ll know exactly what inputs you need to apply to your soil to maximize profit, and you can still shop around for the dry fertilizer source that best meets those needs.

The information you get from your soil test or grid sampling is your own, and you can use it however best suits your needs. When you use SOIL Service for these soil tests, you can have confidence that the team pulling the sample, analyzing it, and making your recommendations has your best interests in mind. Together we can also update and individualize your prescriptions to match your goals and budget.

Other test options:

  • Soil texture – Percent sand, percent silt, percent clay, and soil classification
  • Soluble salt content