All your hard work spent planning and planting can be lost if fertilizer application is misdirected. SOIL Service can help you choose from Ag Leader’s range of precision fertilizer application tools to maximize your resources and time—getting all of your agrochemicals right where they need to be. 


DirectCommand offers complete control over liquid or granular applications, while at the same time logging data and providing real-time application mapping capabilities. You’ll know how much you have done, where you’ve been, and where you’re going. Whether you have an NH3 toolbar, liquid N sidedress unit, sprayer, spreader, or electric starter fertilizer pump on your planter, DirectCommand will transform the application process, allowing for maximum control.

AutoSwath™ for Application

DirectCommand’s AutoSwath feature reduces over-application and product waste by automatically turning the applicator (liquid or granular) on and off based on field boundaries and already-applied areas as it passes over the field. The system reduces input costs and increases application accuracy by minimizing skips and overlaps at end rows, fence rows, and along waterways.

OptRx® Crop Sensors

OptRx Crop Sensors measure and record data about crops in real time using the reflectance of light shined on the growing plants. Sensors can be installed across the application boom to collect information while driving through the field. The data is logged and mapped to be used in further analysis—or for real-time variable rate applications. This kind of data is the key to precision farming. Collect information in the fields, analyze, and then make decisions based on the data.