Today’s hybrid corn plants are designed to resist disease, insects, and wind, but the tough stalks are destroying tires. This leads to downtime and expensive replacement for equipment. SOIL Service offers the Yetter 5000 Stalk Devastator™, which crushes tough corn stalks as it rolls through the field, reducing stubble damage to the tires, wires, and hydraulic hoses on seeding and tillage implements, combines, trucks, and tractors.

Other benefits of the 5000 Stalk DevastatorYetter Stalk Devastator on John Deere corn head

  • Protects tires and tracks from premature wear and damage
  • Pushes over stubble as it travels through the field
  • Preserves residue cover
  • Crushed, knocked-over stalks facilitate quicker residue breakdown
  • Quick and easy to install with mounting kits for most corn head models
  • Spring-loaded, solid steel construction
  • Can be left in field position on most OEM header cart trailers