SOIL Service offers Yetter Farm Equipment’s wide array of fertilizer application equipment, which will put you in a position to experience your best yields yet. Whether you prefer liquid or dry fertilizer, Yetter has a coulter to get the job done. Each model is created to provide ideal down pressure and depth adjustment regardless of your conditions. Yetter fertilizer application equipment delivers precision placement time and again, positioning fertilizer below the soil surface where it can nourish plants from the roots.


2987 Magnum™2987magnum_72dpi_Web

  • Applies fertilizer accurately at speeds of up to 12 mph
  • Single-wheel design causes minimal disturbance and ground cover loss
  • Is capable of applying anhydrous, liquid, or dry fertilizer at high application speeds; quick-change tube design allows knives to place different fertilizer types
  • Has a 22″ blade set at 5° angle
  • Is ideal for fall application, pre-planting, and side-dressing
  • Floating scraper is self-adjusting and has a carbide tip for extended wear
  • Fits 4″ x 4″, 4″ x 6″, 5″ x 7″, 6″ x 6″, and 7″ x 7″ toolbars



All Steer High Capacity Cart


  • Covers more acres per day—and achieves higher productivity—applying herbicide, fertilizer, or insecticide
  • Use it during planting, for side-dressing, or as you are strip-tilling or cultivating
  • Low-profile tank design lowers the center of gravity, while the reinforced steel frame and tank frame ensure years of reliable service
  • All four wheels steer—the rear tires follow the front tires for a tight turning radius with precise tracking, minimizing damage to standing crops and providing a controlled traffic pattern



2968 Row-Unit Mount In-Between Fertilizer Opener


  • Achieves consistent off-the-row starter or nitrogen fertilizer placement
  • Can be set to apply fertilizer from 1½” to 2″ off the row
  • Utilizes a 10″ disc for easier penetration
  • Has compact design for easy mounting
  • Is located behind gauge wheel, eliminating fertilizer buildup on gauge wheel
  • Depth is adjustable in ¼” increments—up to ½” below the seed
  • Allows the use of other attachments on the front of the row unit
  • Fits mounted and pull-type planters