SOIL BOOST EXTREME spray surfactant logoFarmers facing today’s toughest weeds are using today’s toughest dicamba herbicides. SOIL BOOST EXTREME is an adjuvant spray surfactant approved for use with dicamba-containing herbicides and pesticides.

SOIL BOOST EXTREME is formulated to mix with and increase the effectiveness of herbicides in all crops. Its proprietary buffering, penetration, and translocation agents significantly boost herbicide and pesticide penetration and movement in target weeds, helping to make sure you get the most out of your investment.

Controlling the pH of spray solutions is crucial to achieving maximum absorption. Like SOIL BOOST PLUS®, SOIL BOOST EXTREME acts as a hard water conditioner. This adjuvant spray surfactant buffers your spray solutions and maintains pH at approved levels.

SOIL BOOST EXTREME is designed to increase the effectiveness and activity of glyphosate when calcium, magnesium, and iron are present in hard water.


  • Offers a low use rate of 1 qt./100 gal. of water.
  • Meets EPA no-AMS requirement for mixing with Enlist (2,4-D), as well as Xtend and Engenia (dicamba).
  • Buffers pH of hard water spray solutions to approved level of 5.5.
  • Was expertly developed during 3 years of university and on-farm testing.
  • Is available in 2.5-gal. jugs or 275-gal. totes.
  • Is Enlist approved. Xtend and Engenia approval pending.

Add SOIL BOOST EXTREME to your dicamba herbicide products to get back on track to maximized yields.