On May 16, we got the RENEGADE VT down to central Missouri, serviced and hooked up ready to go to the field. Before heading to the field to go to corn on Friday, we decided to go out in our pasture and see how it would do. Talk about VERSITILITY of a true vertical tillage tool, the RENEGADE VT has it!


Here is a picture of the job the RENEGADE VT is doing set at 5 degree angle on a field that was in soybeans last year going to corn. We were able to get into the field on May 17 run and get a neighbors corn planted. You will be able to see a video of the RENENGADE VT running in this field as soon as we get it posted on You Tube. This was an excellent seed bed to plant into!

For more information on the RENEGADE VT, get in contact with me or our office.

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John Viertel