Salford Valmar logoThe Salford Valmar 55 Series line of seeders is ideal for seeding cover crops and overseeding pastures. From seeding to herbicide application, these units can quickly and precisely meter granular products of any size. The 55 Series seeder is also highly adaptable, able to work with tillage implements, heavy harrows, high-clearance sprayers, and AerWay® models of any size.

Full view of Salford Valmar SeederWith the Salford Valmar 55 Series line of seeders, granular application is easier, safer, and more accurate than ever before.

Other features:

  • Compatible with implements 16’-80’ wide and weighing 1,400-2,700 lbs., depending on 55 Series model
  • Ground-driven or hydraulic metering system for precise application rate at any ground speed
  • 60-speed gearbox for changing drive ratio and increasing and decreasing application rate in 5% increments
  • Sight and manifold pressure gauges for checking product level and air flow
  • Optional Alternate Rate Kit for instant rate change
  • Optional 3-point hitch mount with drawbar rated for 350 HP; heavier duty drawbar for 600 HP available on request