Meter calibration is a crucial part of prepping your planter for the growing season. Poor seed spacing can cost you thousands. Every skip costs an average of seven bushels in corn yield, and skips and doubles cost you potential income by lowering your ear count.

Utilizing our MeterMax® Test Stand, SOIL Service technicians can fine-tune your planter and help you get that picket-fence stand you have always wanted. We can work with Kinze or John Deere finger pickup meters, Case IH and John Deere vacuums, and White air planters. Using your specific seed size, we adjust the fingers’ spring tension, replace worn or broken parts and warped backing plates, and fine-tune the finger meter for optimum spacing.

The MeterMax Test Stand allows us to get precise seed spacing. Here’s how we do it:

  • Clean and replace worn parts and properly balance the meter.
  • Place a finger pickup or vacuum meter onto the stand.
  • Add the specific seed size and weight corn you will be planting.
  • Set the Test Stand speed gauge to your planting speed.
  • Watch seeds drop into the grated belt and count skips, doubles, or triples.
  • Adjust the meter and retest until we’ve eliminated all meter errors.

MeterMax is a trademark of Precision Planting