Fix two big planter problems easily, quickly, and inexpensively.

The BullsEye Seed Tube gives seeds the most direct path to the seed trench. The smooth interior and recessed sensor eye eliminates any interference that can slow the seed’s descent.

In other seed tubes, the sensor can interfere, sending the seed into gyrations that slow it and causing gaps and misplaced seeds. The BullsEye Seed Tube moves the sensor eye behind a ledge, making it impossible for the seed to nick the sensor. It is a straight shot to the trench.

BullsEye Seed Tubes deliver better spacing and longer life. Their sensor offsets won’t snag seeds like other tubes can. And with their tungsten carbide tips, they last far longer than other tubes so your replacement costs will plummet. BullsEye works with ½″ or ¾″ sensor eyes.

BullsEye is a trademark of Precision Planting