Bayer CropScience

Leverage 360 – Leverage 360 pesticide is an enhanced formulation that delivers a full circle of protection. It combines two powerful and trusted modes of action to protect against the worst sucking and chewing pests, such as aphids, beetles, bollworms, cutworms, loopers, plant bugs, stink bugs, whiteflies, and more.


Capture® LFR® – This liquid, in-furrow insecticide keeps insects from ever biting and damaging your plants and seeds. Use of Capture LFR leads to healthier plants than use of biotech seed traits and treatments, which require the pests to bite and damage seeds and seedlings. Capture LFR controls seed and seedling pests such as wireworm, cutworm, grubs, armyworm, seed corn maggot, and common stalk borer. It readily mixes with SOIL Service high-quality starter fertilizers.

Ethos XB – Get all the power of Capture LFR with the added benefits of a biological fungicide. This product forms a protective biofilm disease barrier around roots. Because it’s biological, not synthetic, activity increases over time so that as spores germinate, protection increases.

Alternative insecticide products

There are also numerous effective lower-cost insecticide solutions on the market, and SOIL Service is happy to help you assess whether these are a good fit for your pest control plan. Just as with brand-name insecticides, our team stays on top of new product offerings, and our experts will help you find the right option for your pest challenges.

Some alternative insecticides we work with are below. Many other options are available. If you don’t see a product you are interested in listed, contact us to find out if it’s a product we offer.

  • Bifenture® EC – Soybeans, cotton, corn, and more
  • Govern – Corn, soybeans, cotton, vegetables, and more
  • Province – Corn, soybeans, cotton, vegetables, and more
  • Steed™