Who would have guessed that the 2014 fall tillage would have had the yield impact that it did on the 2015 crop? Tilled soil of any type led to earlier planting dates this year, which in turn had a significant influence on emergence, final stand and yield.

We have maintained tillage plots at the SOIL Service farm for many seasons. These plots are maintained in the same area every year. Over the years, the fall AerWay® use has been at or near the top of our yield checks with no-till and conventional tillage. These machines penetrate to a depth of eight inches, fracturing the soil while leaving some loose dirt on top to stop residue movement due to wind. The AerWay does not invert the soil, thus saving time and horse power on a function that is not necessary. After this tillage pass, water is allowed to penetrate faster (less run off), promote faster residue decomposition and to let the soil warm up and dry out much faster in the spring.

The SOIL Service AerWays were pulled over several thousand acres this year. These rental and demo machines are good trade-ins from the recent past. We are offering these AerWays to first time buyers at a substantial discount until January 31st. For those of you who are interested in purchasing a good machine at these prices, contact your sales representative or our office.