I’ve spent the last week in Ames, IA and Omaha, NE. I was in Ames for Ag Leader’s 25th anniversary dealer summit. 25 years ago Ag Leader started it all with the very first yield monitor. Jump forward to the present and Ag Leader has vastly expanded it’s product line to include every aspect of the farming operation. From their industry leading InCommand 1200 display to the powerful SMS software, Ag Leader can say “Yes” to all of you farming needs.

Now switching gears a bit, I also mentioned Omaha. I attended the 4th annual Strip Till Conference. Over 400 farmers attend this conference. This is something we attend every year to keep up with the trends and concerns that today’s farmer has with Strip Tilling. This event as a day and a half packed with speakers ranging from the common farmer to university professors. These conferences are a great way to interact with farmers and get real life stories of success and failures that they have endured. I also worked the Yetter booth as they are one of the title sponsors for this event. This shows the commitment that Yetter has for the Strip Till industry and is continuing to bring innovation to today’s Strip tiller.

If you find time I would encourage you to visit the Strip Till farmers website www.striptillfarmer.com to see future events, if Strip tilling is something you have been thinking about. We have been building custom bars and Strip tilling ourselves for 8 years. We can provide the answers and solutions to your Strip tilling questions and needs. I have a busy few weeks here before the Soil Service team and I head to Decatur, IL for Farm Progress. Hope to see you there.

Jason Smith