I am sure that many of our customers have already noticed the ongoing trend into an online movement. This includes online advertising, communication, and an increase in technological farming; such as getting yield maps and variable rate files to and from your seed dealer or whomever may process the data. Soil Service, Inc. has noticed this movement and is working toward keeping our company current on all our customer’s needs. We will continue to bring you the latest in AG Leader technology, Yetter equipment, Salford AerWay parts, services, knowledge, and of course the latest in fertilizer and chemical technology. To better answer questions and get our latest technology out in front of our wide customer base, we will be calling upon many people to get their email addresses. This will make it more efficient for us to get our newsletter and other information out to our customers in a quick and timely manner. Continuing with the online trend, we will also be making more of an appearance on AGtalk.com. Our participation on AGTalk will include listings of our latest equipment for sale, and searching the wanted ads to see if there is anything you need that we can provide. I will also be searching the forums for any topics that Soil Service, Inc. could provide information on. In addition, we have a Facebook page, and we advertise on Fastline and TractorHouse. If you have any questions about any of our products feel free to email me at rjohnson@soilserviceinc.com. Also, if you have not been contacted about our newsletter please go to our website and sign up or call our office with your email address at 217-755-4400.