Harvest International Ultraplant toolbar


Toolbars from Harvest International are innovative options for either strip-till operations (Ultra Max™) or for integration with your planter (UltraPlant™). Featuring a narrow-fold-forward design and a 13’11” folded width, these toolbars transport easily. The Tri-Flex system available on both models offers an impressive 15° of wing flexibility.

The Ultra Max and UltraPlant handle even the hardest-pulling row units (up to 25 HP per row) and accommodate up to 6 tons of on-unit storage.

Other notable features include:

  • Front- or rear-running lift wheels
  • A powder-coat finish
  • External steel hydraulic lines
  • Internal grease passages on all pin points
  • Standard clevis and dual narrow-profile high-flotation tires (12.5L-15)

SOIL Service, Inc., has experience configuring these durable strip-till and planter toolbar options to work with our industry-leading Yetter row-unit attachments as well as other brands. More options, like markers and flotation wheels, are also available.